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FBI Spying

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Dumbing Us Down


Television is in fact a great accomplishment, is it not ?  What a great invention the cathode ray tube signifies for humanity.  It helped make possible computers. Millions that ordinarily would live their lives without being able to travel or see the marvels of the planet, can easily watch programs that run the gamut of information, documentaries that feed the thirst of knowledge and educate or perhaps something else. But more often than not, the TV, the tube, the TELE, is used to beam smut, propaganda and the worst kind of programming-- that basically retards the mind’s development-- to billions of people around the globe. 


Case in point, the A&E network, dubbed the Arts and Entertainment channel, is a misnomer, it should instead be called the Crime and Entertainment channel.  Although it airs occasional documentaries and programs that reflect the arts, it nonetheless spends half of its program day, airing docudramas on crime.  It also seems to have an affinity for glorifying gangsters and the ‘gangsta’ life.  As an example, every Monday for one hour, a program entitled ‘Growing up Gotti’ shows viewers what the gangster, known as the ‘dapper don’, John Gotti's family are up to.  One is left agape at what the point of the program is ?


As the ‘dapper don’s’ grandsons parade around New York in chauffeured limos, they are treated like royalty, presumably both on and off screen.  One wonders what impressionable young minds are supposed to think and deduce from this ?  Is A&E creating ‘heroes’, models to be emulated ?


The networks and the satellite channels are not far behind with their level of programming, whether it be with on screen violence that can leave one numb from the excess, or the constant sexual proclivities that can make the most liberal viewer left squirming in his/her seat at the extreme graphic content.  As one is exposed to such programming is it no wonder that core family values have eroded and continue to erode in our society ?  And not just here, lest one forget that American television programming is being beamed around the world thanks to today’s technology.  Eskimos in the furthest reaches of civilization as well as cultures in Africa that cannot even comprehend the nuances of the programming, are being exposed to this lopsided interpretation of human behavior.  Car chases, drug usage, sexual corruption, homicidal behavior, ‘normalization’ of unethical behavior and crime—this is what billions are seeing.


Programming in other countries has its own shortcomings, as the American cookie cutter approach to marketing is cloned by other societies.  Hollywood style shock and awe is being duplicated in India, Brazil, Italy, Russia and the United Kingdom.  Britain’s Channel 4, for example, announced recently that it would air a new special, entitled ‘Dust to Dust’—the filming of a decomposing human body over a period of two months.  It has been advertising for a dying person to donate their body for this ‘worthy cause.’   One would presume that network anchors would spend some of their time making cute remarks about the event.  Is this sick, or is this sick ?


As if this isn’t enough for channel 4, viewers can also choose to tune in to another of its program ‘specials’ entitled ‘Sex Inspectors.’  The anchors, a gay man and an heterosexual female, will observe dysfunctional couples having sex on the air, and then make suggestions on how they can improve their ‘performance.’  Gadgets are part of the program.  If you think these programs are deranged and sick, then you are not aware of past channel 4 ventures, such as one program called ‘Beyond Love’; about a woman who had her misadventures in necrophilia; or another entitled ‘Beijing Swings’ about a man who ate dead babies.  Then there is the news program that uses naked anchors, referred to as ‘Naked News.’  There are other programs, but I think you get the idea.


Who is sicker, these poor excuses for humans who are depicted on such programs, or the media executives who think this stuff up ?  Great damage is being inflicted on society and it is a tragedy that a medium with such great potential to help educate and liberate minds from the darkness of ignorance is used instead to push viewers further down into the abyss of prejudice, and idiocy, all for the benefit of ratings and profits.


Recently, in the United States, the FCC is entertaining the idea of mandating that all future televisions sold, have the ability to be turned on by electronic signal, emanating from a governmental or network source.  The rationale given, is that emergency announcements would be available to a greater audience. It’s a national security thing. Frankly I couldn’t make this stuff up, even if I tried.


It seems we truly have entered not just a new century, but a ‘new’ world.  Television it seems, is ripe to be used as a medium not to inform, or to educate, but rather as a tool of mind control, propaganda and indoctrination. 

Time to unplug that zombie producing gadget, and crack open a novel—1984, or perhaps Brave New World, and READ !


L.M.  / Contributing Correspondent

Posted  December  10, 2004

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