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  • The Bush Mental Health Initiative:  Sound Policy or Social Control in the Making ?



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Click on the icon for uncensored election coverage from across the nation, check the CommonDreams site, an alternative news source.


Click on the icon for uncensored election coverage from across the nation, check the Indymedia web site, an alternative news source.

Mainstream Media Coverage


Election coverage breakdown available at the CNN Web Site





William Blum: Afghanistan 1979-1992, America's Jihad, ICH


US Government Assassination Plots,  ICH


Afghanistan, a Nation Abandoned to Drugs,


Terrorizing Those at Prayer, ICH


VIDEO STREAM : The Myth of the Liberal Media, the propaganda model of news,     NOAM CHOMSKY,   ICH                        


Learning the Art of Journalism in Bolivia, Http://


In Liberty's Shadow, The Status of Asylum in America, a Human Rights First Report,


Dead-Check in Fallujah, Special to the Village Voice,




The Election  

  • Ohio chose Kerry, here's how the votes vanished, Investigative reporter Greg Palast.
  • ANALYSIS; The Perfect Day Crime, TomPaine.
  • The NYTimes kills the "Bush Bulge" story, Common Dreams.
  • Group finds voting irregularities in the south, Common Dreams/Assoc.Press.
  • Were the exit polls right ? AlterNet.
  • Religion figures big in Bush win, Inter Press News Agency.
  • Voters report problems with computer systems,
  • BBC Newsnight television, reports that it has obtained a copy of GOP 'caging lists' to be used by operatives to disenfranchise African Americans in Florida, this in violation of federal law.
  • US Supreme Court has decided to allow Ohio Republicans inside polling places to challenge voters NY Times 11-02-04
  • Investigative reporter Greg Palast calls this election 'spoiled rotten' and details the games being played to disenfranchise over one million voters. 11-01-04
  • Americans in Paris have cast an unofficial vote at the famous Harry's pub, Hemingway's old haunt,-- and its resoundingly for KERRY.
  • Viacom, one of the 6 companies which own most TV, Radio stations, and other forms of media, refused to accept advertisements for the Kerry campaign.
  • Persistant reports of breakdowns in election systems are being reported, Common Dreams.
  • Voters turn out in record numbers, NY Times, 11-02-04.
  • Millions who stayed away in 2000 flood the polls, NY Times, 11-02-04.

International News

The Nation



Scream at your own risk (and your children's), Raising your voice, yelling, berating your children can have grave consequences for everyone's health.

NY Times.




  • "Saving Room for Rotten Pie," Molly Ivins writes,
  • Apocalypse (Amost) Now, NY Times, 11-24-04
  • Bush's Perception Management Plan,
  • No one is taken in by U.S. lies, Guardian,,3604,1357345,00.html
  • "Trespass Against Us," the story of how DOW chemical products and byproducts have damaged public health and the environment (manufacturer of Agent Orange and Dioxin products), Common Dreams,
  • A Moral Indictment, NY Times, 11-23-04
  • Another round of misery for children in Iraq, Seattle Times,
  • Going Nuclear: The coming Wars with Iran and No.Korea,
  • In GOP We Trust ? AlterNet,
  • The Murder of Jose Couso--a U.S. war crime, Letter sent to the Spanish Government, "Don't Believe a Word", by the family of Journalist Jose Couso,
  • No Thanksgiving in my House, ICH, the continuing violence against Native Americans,
  • A Caped Crusader in a comic book world, ICH, 11-23-04
  • Shhh, Don't Say 'Poverty', NY Times Op-Ed,
  • Does Bush begin to sound like Hitler ? ICH,
  • Starving children pay the price of disorder, ICH,
  • Only the Dead have seen the End of War, ICH,
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski: How the US Provoked  the Soviet Union into Invading Afghanistan,
  • The Politics of Corruption,
  • 'Raiders of the Lock Box', Writes Robert Reich; "There has been, and will be, equally dumb ideas emanating from the Bush administration, but privatizing social security surely will be in the qualifying round for the first prize."
  • CIA 'purge' ? What is this, the U.S.S.R. ? Molly Ivins writes 11-18-04
  • Bush's Echo Chamber, "The administration is far more dangerous than any youth gang...", NY Times Op-Ed, 11-19-04
  • Bush-Terror, the Supreme Intl. Crime, ICH,
  • Why Isn't Kerry Fighting for a Recount ? Democracy Now
  • 'Purging for Disloyalty Makes Us Sick to our Stomachs', Molly Ivins writes
  • Where are the 'GOOD' Americans ? Info.Clearing House
  • Killing Wounded Prisoners & the Conscience of Humanity,
  • The worst since era of J.Edgar Hoover, SunSentinel.
  • Return of the H-1B VISA monster, Jim Hightower writes.
  • Bio-Chips: A Nation of Cattle?, Jim Hightower writes. 
  • The Global Implications of the U.S. Election, Carnegie Foundation.
  • The missing voices of our world, Howard Zinn, TomDispatch.
  • Bush threatens humanity, says Dr. Caldicott, CommonDreams/SydneyMorning.
  • Jeb Bush's CIA,  TomPaine.
  • Allawi is a criminal, says investigative journalist Sy Hersch at NYU.
  • 'Attack on Fallujah Can't be Justified,' Helen Thomas, Seattle Post/Hearst.
  • 'The Last Gasp of U.S. hegemony', Japan Times.
  • Going Down the Stolen Election Road ? AlterNet/the Nation.
  • What progressives must now do, 'Dancing in the Dark', AlterNet/ Austin Chronicle.
  • Next: Voting Safeguards, Mercury News.
  • Michael Moore does it again, '17 Reasons not to slit your wrists,' AlterNet.
  • Uruguayan writer, Eduardo Galeano: "The War on Drugs is a Great Imperial Hypocrisy," Narconews.
  • Jimmy Carter, writes on Middle East peace, 'Casting a Vote for Peace,' NY Times.
  • Brent Scowcroft, former national security advisor, writes on the prospects for peace in Palestine; 'A Middle East Opening,' Washington Post.
  • Arianna Huffington writes; "And now for something completely different: Real Moral Values.
  • D is for democracy...T is for ? When religion overcomes politics. Common Dreams.
  • The Bush administration is in denial, regarding the state of the environment, Tomgram (make sure to scroll down).
  • The Internet is having a greater influence than previously thought on consumers of information, Foreign Policy Journal.
  • Our not so free press, NY Times.
  • Non Profit organization, EPIC, cites concerns over citizens' loss of privacy regarding RFID technology being implemented.
  • "Kerry Won," investigative reporter Greg Pallast writes, Common Dreams/TomPaine.
  • "Resist the Draft, Like Candy from Strangers,"
  • The election hangover of a lifetime, at (make sure to scroll down).
  • Conservatives push for National ID card, Jim Hightower writes.
  • "Living Poor, Voting Rich", NY Times Op-Ed, 11-03-04.
  • "The Unbearable Darkness of Being", Editor at ponders the election.
  • What does a Bush win mean for Africa, IOL News Service.
  • US is being characterized as a nation on the verge of falling apart, Uk's Independent.
  • What a Bush second term will mean, Tom
  • Texas columnist Jim Hightower writes; 'fight for your freedom to read.'
  • Historian Howard Zinn, writes on the subject of Terrorism.
  • The Republican extremists, and our democracy, Mother Jones Magazine.
  • Bush is hard at work expanding government secrecy, NY Times OP-ED.
  • A Bush win will spell dark times, according to White House correspondent Helen Thomas/Hearst Newspapers.
  • South Africa's IOL news service, cites international "fear and loathing for the Bush Mafia", originally published by the Cape Times on 10-29-04.
  • 12 ways Bush is stealing the Ohio vote
  • Cheney and Bush have resorted to scaring people to vote their way 'or else', NY Times.
  • This is the acceptance speech you will NOT hear, International Herald Tribune/Boston Globe.
  • Why I am no longer a Christian
  • "Days of Shame", the strategies of taking away people's right to vote, NY Times Op-Ed, 11-01-04.


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