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A Brief Introduction to our Site


Take the time to explore this site, you will not be disappointed.  As you arrive at our HOME page you see a 'stick figure', with seemingly arms raised, not in alarm, nor in a pose of surrender, but rather in joy and exuberance.  This figure is symbolic of the citizen, not the common and ordinary—but an ideal citizen.  The ideal citizen, not as absolute, and static person, not degenerating but instead, one that is evolving. 


We are all surrounded by a world that seems to be mired in wars, corruption, and disillusion… don’t we, as fellow citizens deserve a better society, a better world for our children and the children of tomorrow -- a world not imbued in poverty, violence, fear, hatred, ignorance and injustice but instead a world freed from such chains ? 


When I was a young university student, I was faced with a question by one of my professors, regarding the nature of man that I still struggle with—is man a savage or a noble being ?  These many years later, as I observe the developments of what has become and is becoming history, that same question haunts mankind, I think.   The genocide in Rwanda, in Serbia, in Sierra Leone, and lately in the Sudan foreshadows that question.  Events in our own nation such as the 9-11 tragedy,  and the irrational response by the Bush administration which espouses violence, the use of preemptive war, of curtailed civil liberties, the use of torture, the development of assassination as an acceptable and viable tool of foreign policy;  all this accentuates for me that perennial question regarding the nature of man. 


Perhaps I am simplistic in my views or idealistic, or just perhaps, maybe I am an eternal optimist—but I choose to join the company of Rousseau,  Maslow but also Viktor Frankl.  I choose to think and believe, that man is capable of great accomplishments and deeds, as the Psychologist Maslow theorized; mankind is capable of self-actualizing, if given the proper environment and opportunity for development.  But self-actualization cannot happen amid rampant poverty, amid gross injustice, be it economic or civil.  All citizens deserve to be treated in egalitarian terms, with the same rights and opportunities.  In short we all deserve a society that is democratic, not in name, but in deeds.  But such a society is not just American, it is a world society, you see.  So the ‘stick figure’, on our front page is representative of that kind of individual-- who amid the strife of this world, yearns for and fights for, in words and with nonviolent deeds, for a better society, for a better world. This individual dares not only to dream, but rather strives to make such dreams concrete reality.


Another page on our site presents thoughts of INSPIRATION, revolving around themes like democracy, liberty, tyranny as well as other themes yet to come.  The thoughts expressed, are brief quotes or excerpts from philosophers, theologians, writers, and others.  We title this page INSPIRATION, because amid the disillusionment in our present society, what we lack most is the path to a better world, we lack hope, we lack Heroes to be emulated; like Albert Schweitzer, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thomas Paine, Ghandhi and so many others.  It is hoped that whenever your soul feels empty, whenever you feel overwhelmed by the darkness of the times, whenever you yearn to be refreshed by ideas of hope, or provoked by thoughts and questions worth considering, that you log on, and consult this page of ours called INSPIRATION.


Our semi-monthly newsletter is presented on another page and as usual, will cover a myriad of issues.


The ARCHIVES page retains all our previous newsletter issues, as well as image files and essays.


The BOOKS page lists a recommended reading list, composed and suggested  by our Editor.  Brief reviews along with other detailed information about each book is presented.


The LINKS page, cites references to sites not affiliated with our organization. Sites are grouped according to topic such as; Alternative News, Opinion, Activism, etc.


We give prominence to a COUNSELING page, referencing links to organizations, and entities that provide counseling and treatment, because we firmly believe that one of the greatest afflictions that citizens face is addiction.  Our nation is faced by a plague that must be battled by each of us in some manner.  Whether the addiction is narcotics, or alcohol, it needs to be overcome.  Other sites tied to some form of violence, warranting counseling support will also be listed.


We also have a NEWS-LINK TICKER that lists breaking news stories and commentary, which is updated every 24 hours on weekdays.


In conclusion, we hope that our site becomes one of your favorite destinations on the WORLD WIDE WEB; whether as a source of discussion, inspiration, or as a bridge to other WEB pages referenced by us. 


Feel free to send your comments, suggestions or articles for publication. We challenge you to join us in the mission to help make a better world possible with PEACE for all-- a brighter world that uses the tools of the enlightenment; reason and dialogue.  


The Citizen for Social Responsibility is not responsible for the content of external websites. The inclusion of a link does not constitute an endorsement of any opinions, viewpoints nor of arguments cited.  We seek to provide access to dissenting views not often available in mainstream discourse. Clicking on a link may take you to other sites, not associated nor affiliated with our organization.  Although our website does not use "cookies" for advertising, or tracking this will not apply to third party websites, many of whom do so. By visiting this website and clicking on any link herein, you permit and adhere to any use of required cyber tracking, if any, necessary for the operation of its content.  We value your privacy. 

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