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"Be the difference you want to see in the world."

--Mahatma Gandhi

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Currently being updated


Our newsletter service is to be restored shortly, if you read below, you can come to understand why some prior events led us to temporarily suspend activities, our last partial newsletter was being uploaded to the website in 2011 when unceasing hacking made it impossible for us to complete our newsletter.

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Aggressive Acts Continue


October 05, 2009 Update: It is becoming increasingly difficult to update and maintain this website.  All our computers have been hacked.  Back in May we promised to cite specifics, a more detailed explanation as well as produce documentation. 


We have been advised by legal counsel not to expose 'all our cards' as this may prove to compromise our legal strategy.  Some of our files have been passed on to others and are no longer physically present at our building location.  Along the years part of our records have been digitized as PDF documents and also have been stored elsewhere as back-ups should they be required. 


I have nonetheless decided to post some of the material, part of it redacted.  This first posting is available now, refer to the Spring newsletter, the essay entitled Cocaine Commerce by Victor Saraiva has links.  You will need a pdf viewer to see the documents.


We will continue to try to update and maintain the website, but at this time, it is difficult to gauge how successful we will be.  Please check back often and be patient.




May 26 Update:


Our website continues to be the target of numerous hacking attempts-- actually it has been a continuous wave of onslaught since late March of this year.  This has led to a daily battle for us to just maintain and update our website.  Certain data is still not up to date, such as image files, as evidenced by the lack of certain images in our Spring 09 Newsletter. Our attempts to upload those images is being blocked.


The source of the hacking activity is varied, from IP addresses from all over the world.  Some of those IP addresses are still listed as unallocated, therefore we stand by our previous assessment that the U.S. government is the source of this hacking activity. 


We have also experienced attempted penetration of our computers which are not online but simply connected to a phone line.  We utilize a land line telephone line serviced by Verizon Corporation. This type of activity is unusual to say the least, and further illustrates that the telecommunications carrier Verizon may be facilitating such activity. 


Compounding this, telephone service was cut off the evening of May 10th, or during the very early hours of May 11th, thereby preventing us from performing our daily updates, even though DSL service was continued for the subsequent four days, but also cut on the fifth day. 


We update our server by dialup rather than DSL, out of a security concern.  While updating by dialup, hacking activity is limited by a 2400 baud rate, whereas a DSL connection exposes us to a much greater digital baud territory which increases the probability of hacking penetration of our server and our connection.                                      


Verizon employees explained to us that the telephone service was affected as a result of a 'downed line', however the DSL service on the same cable was unaffected. 


I guess the 'telephone Fairy' permitted a partial 'downed line' that only affected our telephone line.  Verizon customers in adjoining buildings were unaffected, as was a Verizon customer within our building on a separate floor.  For the record, they all use the same telephone cable that we do.

Verizon must think we are idiots.                                   


We have experienced dubious activity in the past with Verizon services, when our tone based telephone service was changed to pulse, thereby preventing our telephones from being able to dial out (all our phones are tone based).  Pulse based service, commonly known as rotary dial, is an antiquated technology that was superceded by tone service. 




Such activities are thuggish in character.  In fact other thug-like activities are being used to target us, in fact myself in particular.  I had hoped that it would not come to this, I had hoped that with a new administration in the White House, such activities would be a remnant of a past in America embued by a Bush era mantra.  But I can no longer entertain such naive notions.                                                              


Attempts are being made by law enforcement agencies not just to surveil, the activities of this website, but also to create events to criminalize me, Victor Saraiva, the founder, Principal Director of this organization and the Editor-in Chief of this website.                                           


I have been targeted ever since I filed a complaint with the FBI requesting a criminal investigation be launched regarding a clique of 'businessmen and bankers' operating in the Newark area.  That complaint was filed in 1995. 


To my knowledge no investigation by the FBI of such persons named in my complaint was ever initiated. A FOIA request filed later by myself with the FBI, turned up 'no records on file' inclusive of any records tied to my name.  So in essence, according to the FOIA request response, I never filed any statement with this governmental law enforcement agency. 


Incredulous indeed, since my first statement was filed in person at the Newark field office; a second statement was filed with the U.S. Attorney's office, in Newark, also in 1995; and a third statement was filed by registered mail, mailed by a third party, in my presence, serving both as the direct agent submitting my statement into the care of the U.S. Postal Service, as well as witness that the statement was mailed to FBI headquarters in Washington D.C.                                                  


All three statements were submitted prior to my FOIA request, you know, the one that resulted in the highly questionable response of: 'nothing on file.'                                                                                                  


Given that my statements purported to establish that there existed a group of individuals in the Newark area that were directly involved in trafficking narcotics and utilized their businesses to funnel profits of such activities and launder them; and then the premier law enforcement agency of the United States negates a citizen's varied statements as ever being filed; one must therefore conclude that said law enforcement agency is not only aware of such activities but must logically condone them.  Succinctly: they too are involved!                                                         


Therefore, I can only conclude that drug traffic is being protected, or perhaps even purposely utilized by United States governmental agencies, in violation of laws and oaths to protect the citizenry of our nation.  I have since concluded that drugs are being used as a weapon of social control; to destabilize and purposely destroy communities populated by minorities.


Events have since transpired, especially of late, to lead me to also conclude that events are being created or molded to establish a 'believable' scenario to paint me as some degenerate or criminal.  Such events can only be characterized as 'beyond belief' in scope.


Over the years I have privately documented as much as possible, but decided to remain silent, in the hope that myself as well as my family would be left alone to live our lives in peace; in fact I had decided of late to minimize my political activities in these last couple of weeks; my soul searching led me to conclude that I had little left, not only in physical energy but also the monetary means to continue to do battle with elements in this city, county and state that epitomize sheer evil, and raw power. That personal appraisal is being called into question by unfolding events.                                                                                        


Recent events, in the life of my family's health and financial well being; as well as the 'frame job' being elaborated by corrupt cops and political figures (as I have been informed)-- may force me to go entirely public with my accusations: naming names, producing documents (some of which, passed on to me by third parties), and utilize this website as a means to expose activities of Newark drug traffic; money laundering and bank fraud; that involve a conspiracy of a variety of individuals assisted and protected by law enforcement personnel from different agencies. 


We will shortly elaborate further.


"He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression;  for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself."

-- Thomas Paine


"Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual)." --Ayn Rand


"Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down."

-- Frederick Douglass

Please refer to the Spring 2009 Newsletter for further postings.

Victor Saraiva, EDITOR




Our News Link Service Has Been Restored 


April 06:  Nearly two weeks ago, on March 24th, we were forced to interrupt our News-Link service, as well as all other updates to our website, as a result of malicious activity that resulted in hacking activity that penetrated the computers we utilize.  We posted our observations as well as our suspicions regarding the sources of such malicious and nefarious activities on that date. 

Five days later the New York Times printed a story that reiterated some of the same activities that we had complained about on our website; [ Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries... ]


The Times article cited data collected by Canadian researchers that raised questions regarding what appeared to be very aggressive hacking activity emanating from mainland China, but left open a very real possibility, that the real culprits may in fact be either the American or Russian Intelligence Services.  Well, you know what we think.


Below is our initial posting, from March 24th, informing our readers about what we experienced:

Our News Link service will be unavailable for the remainder of this week, March 24-March 29.  Unfortunately we have been the target, once again, of hacking attempts seeking to demolish our website. 

Several of our computers have been probed while updating our website, the latest instances from the following IP addresses;;, and other variants—all emanating from a Domain Name Registrar in Australia which lists the IP addresses as non-allocated and dormant. 


Further tracing by us identified these IP addresses as dedicated for use to sites in mainland China.  It is our humble opinion that no one in mainland China is attempting to hack our site, given that the IPs have yet to be activated by the Aussie company.  We also seriously doubt that anybody in the land ‘down under’ is utilizing unallocated IP addresses to hack their way into our web real estate, although the National Security Agency and CIA have a major OPS center on the Australian continent dedicated to SIGINT, (eavesdropping on all forms of electronic communications). 


Our conclusion?  The boys at Homeland Security are up to no good, so much for Obama’s promise of change.  The regime has new suits, a cleaned up reputation, but the crap continues under the radar.

The News-Link service will return this coming Monday March 30.  Give us until then to clean up the mess, fully document the damage, and get ready for the next round from the black shirted crowd at the Bushite-Obamarama Department of Homeland Security.  Democracy lives on...


READ:  The Thirteen Stars and Stripes: An Expatriate's Alarm, by Emanuel E. Garcia

Like Cindy Sheehan we must get up close and personal. We must look the perpetrators, the enablers, the conspirators, the corrupt and the lazy in the eye. We must park our carcasses in front of every congressional office, every embassy, every newspaper, every television and radio station, and we must let them see our faces as we see theirs. We must ask them the uncomfortable questions they don't wish to acknowledge. We must challenge them, face to face, day in and day out. We must make ourselves unavoidable to press them into the service of political truth.



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