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Cocaine Commerce


by Victor M Saraiva





Briefly after the Spring Newsletter began to be posted online, our ability to continue posting material was gradually censored. First jpg images, in fact all images were rendered unreadable. Then within days we lost our ability to post to the Internet. Our office fax machines ceased to be able to send as well as receive data, and our landline voicemail ceased to function. Our first repair request to Verizon, our telecommunications carrier, was initially ignored, subsequent calls brought repairmen who ‘could not find a problem’ with our service line.                                                                  


We suspected that the service line signal protocols had been altered; a suspicion that was identified as a possibility when we consulted a telecommunications troubleshooting firm. However, the testing required to verify and confirm whether signal protocols had been altered was beyond our financial limits, so we were unable to follow through on the testing.

Rather than encumber the organization or myself with these costs, I opted to obtain an external modem that operates with a wide gamut of data signal protocols. The fact that you are reading this confirms that this option worked.

Other nefarious acts have impacted our various computers, and software associated with the production of this website. I won’t cite additional details at this time, given that it is tedious to recite and equally cumbersome for the reader to follow. We also do not wish to aid the culprits behind these incessant attacks with information that they can use to fine tune their attacks, therefore we are limiting the amount of detailed information that we have been able to document.                                  


I will instead follow through on the completion of the newsletter, which has been dragged on these many months as a consequence of acts of ‘men’ who seem to have much to fear from our activities, given that they have sought to aggressively silence this website.                                   


We appreciate your patience, those of you who continue to consult this website.                                                         




This organization was born as a direct result of my experiences of living and working in the largest city of the state of New Jersey, Newark. A city with long ties to organized crime. For several years I worked in the retail banking and mortgage banking sector. My brief career in this area, spanned work in two banks and several mortgage banking corporations.                          


During those years I became aware of a small group of local ‘businessmen’, who used their businesses for narcotrafficking and the laundering of money. In 1995 I filed a complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Newark. Firm in the belief that something would be done, I waited several years, but nothing materialized in regards to an investigation that I could identify. However during the subsequent years, my life changed drastically as a result, I believe of my complaints. Incessant acts of harassment, and subtle intimidation have occurred. Insurance policies on my home have been generated with errors on the policy, which essentially render it void should some loss occur; unsigned policies are mailed to me—again rendering them void.                                  


I partly own a multi-unit investment property where I also reside, and over the past years, some of my tenants have had ‘accidents at work.’ Workmen who initially are prompt and reliable, after a day or two become the antithesis. This past year when I solicited help from one worker, as we walked down a main throughfare his mobile phone rang, when he answered, the caller identified himself as a police officer and asked where he was going with the man he was with. He recounted the conversation, thinking it to be some kind of joke, the next day he failed to show up for work at our property.                                                                      


During these last few years, we have had people come to our building wishing to rent apartments, who proved of dubious character; for instance a couple who were looking for an apartment that afforded privacy, not for them but rather on behalf of a woman friend who ‘was very popular, and entertained quite a lot of friends’… and recently a pair of roommates who were able to rent, one of whom had a ‘brother’ stay over ‘temporarily’ who we captured on the building’s surveillance CCTV transacting a drug sale across the street from our building.            


I know, stuff like this happens all over, but I don’t think these are mere coincidences, given that past tenants, some of whom created some problems for us, we discovered later working for certain companies with ties to organized crime. One of our recent tenants, who created an infestation of moths, we found out to be a relative of one of the individuals cited in my FBI complaint from 1995. 


I believe there is a very calculated attempt to discredit us by creating an atmoshere of disrepute, because by doing so anything we have to say becomes the butt end of a joke, and is regarded as questionable. 



ATTEMPTS TO INCRIMINATE ME                         


Since my complaint to the FBI, I have received incessant mailings for life insurance, in fact too many, and too frequently. Several years ago dead pigeons were left near the front of our property, and a 22 caliber bullet was left near the front door of my apartment. These occurrences led me to install high security locks, obtain a guard dog, and install digital CCTV 24 hour surveillance cameras.                                                   


My dad who is severely handicapped, suffers from Parkinson’s disease. As a consequence, among other duties, I look after his financial affairs; in fact I act on his behalf by power of attorney and transact most of his business online. Several months ago, I discovered that all his funds at one particular foreign bank, had been withdrawn, presumably (as we later discovered) for the purchase of a life insurance product. My father never initiated such a transfer of funds, and certainly I had no knowledge of any such transaction. We were never informed who the beneficiary of the fraudulent transaction was. A complaint was filed with the Portuguese Bank, and the regulatory authorities, but nothing was done to punish the bank.           


Recently a member of my immediate family, an individual that I will not name here, has embarked on a part-time career of initiating life insurance products. I was solicited, several times, as was my father; we both declined. This same family member during the last 18 month period has had several close calls at work, 'accidents' that could have claimed his life; his commute to work took him through a highway where automobiles were the targets of rock throwing, the culprits were never caught, but this family member was one of the unfortunates hit by a volley that narrowly missed the windshield and the convertible canvas top of his car. Other things also happened like brakes that failed, and tires gashed more than once.                        


Suddenly, in the past eighteen months, this family member changes his comportment towards me, becomes less communicative, and obtains a part-time job producing life insurance policies. And within weeks buys a $20,000 car, even though he is, according to prior conversations, struggling with debt. The day after he takes delivery of the car he goes to the casinos in Atlantic City.                                         


I know, more coincidences, but they are piling up by the truck-load.          


I take this opportunity to affirm in this public sphere that I, Victor M. Saraiva, have not purchased any life insurance product from any company, foreign or domestic, securing my life or any other individual of my immediate family, since 1994 ( when I had a personal policy for myself and one for my wife ). I also have no interest in being designated a beneficiary of any life insurance policy, and do here refute and decline any interest in any such policy. And should any such policy be produced for ‘my benefit’ I declare it to be fraudulent. Any funds paid on any such policy, securing my life, or any of my immediate family, from this date of October 2, 2009 forward are to be considered acts of FRAUD and CRIMINAL ACTS.                      


During the 1990’s after I lodged the complaint with the FBI, both I and some members of my immediate family started to experience extreme lethargy, skin blemishes, unusual fatigue, and other symptoms. Our usual doctors minimized the symptoms, but unsatisfied I consulted first doctors in other states, and then doctors abroad. Foreign doctors identified a neurotoxin. And I became convinced that I, and my family were being systematically slowly poisoned. 


During my foreign travels, where I sought medical evaluation for my children, someone utilizing Citibank services traced my foreign use of credit cards, upon my return to the U.S., and learning of the illegal use of Citibank services I initiated a lawsuit at the Federal courthouse of the Southern District of New York. In essence, while I was abroad, attempts were being made to trace my whereabouts.                                                     




All the computers at our office have been hacked. Our ability to update the site has been severely hampered, and thus the explanation for the site not being updated since May of this year. Is it just a coincidence again, this hacking activity which affected all our computers? Is it mere coincidence that the website is hampered from being updated most aggressively after my last posting promising to ‘name names’ and cite specifics. Is this just a coincidence… again?


Some documents of interest in PDF format:


1. A redacted copy of the U.S. Attorney’s Office receipt for my statement filed with that office on September 20, 1995


2. U.S. Postal Service certified return receipt, dated Sept. 13, 1999, for my letter addressed to the Newark field office of the FBI requesting information on my previously filed complaint (notice the signature on the form).


3. Copy of my letter addressed to FBI headquarters, insisting on their assistance to prompt the Newark field office to disclose my statement on file. This letter was received by the FBI on August 30, 2000 and was later returned to me along with the envelope, without comment.


4. FBI, Newark field office response, dated October 12, 2000, to my letter requesting a copy of my statement which was filed with that office. The letter affirms ‘nothing on file’, ‘records may have been destroyed’.


5. Heavily redacted copy of the first and last pages of my letter to FBI headquarters dated April 11, 2001, insisting on an investigation into narco-traffic activities and money laundering in the Newark area by certain individuals named in the statement.


6. FBI response, dated August 29, 2001, to my requests for disclosure of my statement on file at the Newark field office, denying my prior requests as ‘untimely.’


For the record, my lawsuit against Citibank, was before the U.S. Federal Court of the Southern District of New York.  I litigated the case myself from 2000-2001.  The case was dismissed as a result of a Supreme Court decision that negated my rationale that the court should hear the case given that the statute of limitations did not apply. The case was dismissed the last quarter of 2001.




Although without employment since mid 1995, forced by conscience to assist my father who became increasingly handicapped, I also decided to home school my children who at the time were aged 5 and 7. By late 1999, I decided to turn my attention to a more public sphere and do what I could, to alert people of my community to the dangers of an expanding drug trade at our doorstep. I put together a brief newsletter entitled THE CITIZEN, with a front page article entitled THE PLAGUE.                                   


At the same time I launched a letter writing campaign to area churches asking for their help, and a petition drive to force the Newark archdiocese to implement anti-drug education in its schools. Other letters requested specific details from the two main school systems in the city (public and private) regarding how they were addressing the need to educate elementary and high school children to the dangers of drugs. The response was anemic, partly because little was being done by the schools.                     


By April 2000, I had completed the legal work myself and incorporated a non profit corporation entitled The Citizen for Social Responsibility, in the State of Delaware, as well as in the State of New Jersey, and applied with the IRS for 501c3 status. By the summer of 2004, many newsletters later circulation in the thousands, we launched on the Internet. By the beginning of 2009 our Internet site visitors numbered 1300 to 1500 per month. Website hits numbered in the hundreds of thousands.                                 




Sometimes I catch myself wondering in retrospect if I made a mistake in taking the steps that I have during these past years. Indeed would I do it the same way, if I had a second opportunity to live over these past years… I don’t know.                         


Would I, like so many others, instead be a coward, and choose to look the other way. Could I ignore the ravages of what these merchants of death obtain as a result of their profits? Could I live with my conscience knowing that certain individuals, whom I know by face and reputation, are helping to destroy human lives, entire families and neighborhoods and yet choose to remain silent?                            


If I chose to play ‘see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil’ could I live with myself, would I remain the person whom I am. Would I remain true to myself? No, I would not, so therefore I could not ignore these ‘plague masters’ and their horrid affairs.                                             


If everyone responded like I have, our communities, our nation and our world would be better for it, of this I am certain.                        


In 1970 a young Yale graduate student, Alfred McCoy, went to South Vietnam in order to conduct a study into the outbreak of heroin use among American servicemen fighting in the conflict that we have come to know as the Vietnam War. McCoy’s initial study, evolved into an exposé that documented that the U.S. government was directly involved in narco traffic in Vietnam, and Laos. (see The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, by Alfred W. McCoy, Harper & Row, 1972), available at .


McCoy’s work documented that drugs were being used to garner profits that were then used to fund illegal black ops. Operations which ordinarily would not be funded by Congress.                                         


By design, agencies of the U.S. government formed alliances with members of organized crime, and foreign citizens to conduct these activities which are in violation of domestic and international laws.                              


In 1996, Gary Webb, a journalist working for the San Jose Mercury News uncovered further U.S. complicity in narco trafficking within the United States.                                                            


His reports were compiled into a book entitled Dark Alliance (see Dark Alliance, by Gary Webb, 7 Stories Press, 1998 ISBN 1888363932).

Webb’s accounts trace back narco traffic in Central America during the early 1980’s to activities by the National Security Council and the Reagan White House.                                                         


As we can see, U.S. government complicity in narcotraffic activities have precedents, and they have been documented.                           


So the question I entertain is: did I stumble upon a domestic narco-traffic operation in New Jersey’s largest city, which has the blessing of U.S. government intelligence agencies? If so, why are they condoning drug traffic inside the United States?                                                    


Is the U.S. government relying on laundered funds to prop up the U.S. banking system? Are drugs being used as a direct method of warfare against minority communities? We see a direct effect, do we not; Newark is undergoing a so-called Renaissance, at the expense of minority communities who are being pushed out. Commenced during the Sharpe James years, it has accelerated during the current Cory Booker administration.                                


Public housing, many of it built in the 1960’s initially saw an epidemic of drug traffic, then violent crime. Recently public housing in the city has being demolished, and poor residents are being pushed out of the city.             


The cost of municipal services is also being increasingly taxed at higher and higher levels, city budgets usually take longer to be approved impacting on late tax bills that catch strapped residents with shorter periods to make payments. Recently city furloughs further dimished customer service hours at city hall at the payment kiosk, all this forcing the city’s upper working class and lower middle class to deal with increased financial pressures and decisions to sell their homes and also move out.                                        


Entire neighborhoods in the last decade have been altered with many properties being demolished so that ‘cookie-cutter’ box-like housing with modern amenities and miniature lawn-frontage can be erected in their place.

The fact that I have continued to bear the brunt of tactics of harassment and intimidation bear witness to the fact that my speaking out has caused disquiet in some sectors of the law enforcement community with direct ties to the very activity that I have complained about.                                  


Drug traffic in the Newark area is a law-enforcement protected operation, of this I have little doubt.                                                


One more item of interest for the reader: On September 12, 2009, NJ State Police, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Newark and Dept. of Homeland Security agents conducted a sting operation and nabbed a federal agent who along with two other men were involved in ‘stealing’ drugs from narcotraffickers.

The sting, was set up as a fake shipment in order to entrap the federal agent. "Authorities said they began their investigation in June, when Doyle [the rogue federal agent] allegedly told a government informant the trio had been robbing drug dealers.." (Star Ledger 09-12-09, Drug Sting Collars Fed Agent. )                                                             


Sure, a federal agent stealing drugs from traffickers in order to sell them himself is just as bad, as if sold by the traffickers themselves. But, hold on, think about this; did this rogue agent perhaps steal from the ‘wrong people’? Did he steal from traffickers being protected by the Feds themselves?         


The question remains; is narcotraffic, a protected operation in Newark, and if so, in how many other regions of the country is this happening?              


Nearly 1 in 100 people in America is in jail, most are poor-- is the war on drugs simply a farce? The United States hold 25% of the world's inmates.  Clearly jails are being used as a method of controlling the population, and it isn't all tied to crime.  Let us not forget that Stalin, as well as Mao's China employed the use of jailing people for political reasons.


And are drugs being used as a method of social engineering?                 


NARCOTICS ARE TOOLS OF SOCIAL CONTROL                                                                                                                                                                            

When Afghanistan was administered by Islamic zealots, the Taliban, it saw a virtual extermination of the opium poppy. Afghanistan had no commerce to speak of, in narcotics.                                                       


By 2004, after George W. Bush declared his ‘war on terrorism’ and named the Taliban as a nemesis; Afghanistan grew to be the region from which most of the world’s cocaine emerges. The United Nations has documented this, just do a google search for details.                                            


That commerce and traffic has continued to explode, and Afghanistan’s people today are struggling with the social problems, and crime that emerges with the drug trade. So the presence of the U.S. military in Afghanistan has aided and facilitated the commerce in cocaine.                         


Once again the involvement of the U.S. government and its many agencies are directly tied to narcotraffic: our tax dollars hard at work to foment destruction, in order to feed illicit profits for the merchants of death.

America has ceased to be the shining example of the 'city on the hill', the hope of the world, the democratic model for individual freedom, advancement of principled liberty. Our institutions have become corrupt, and vampire-like.

The commerce of cocaine has achieved that, as a result we are a nation falling from grace, denuded of values and morals. Government institutions can no longer be trusted to be working for the good of the people.           


Ralph Nader who campaigned for president numerous times, who has been a legendary activist for consumers of this country, has reached similar conclusions about the corruption that has gripped our nation and our government. In a recent book just published, Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us! 7 Stories Press, 2009 ISBN 10: 1583229035. Although this is a work of fiction, Nader's first, it serves as an allegory for what ails America, and how it could be all fixed if only the rich and powerful of this nation so wished it to be.                                           


I highly recommend that you read Nader's book.                    


In conclusion, the hope of America lies in its people, many of whom are good decent people who toil hard and struggle for a living in a society they still believe in. The hopes and dreams of prior generations of Americans who lived through the ravages of the second world war, the great fight against fascism, of Roosevelt's New Deal; through the hope of the Kennedy years; and Johnson's Great Society... the culmination of all those hopes and dreams reside still in the hearts and minds of most Americans.                    


The Reagan and Bush years have led the nation in a direction away from those ideals, those prior hopes and dreams.                                      


The promise of change, that we witnessed during Barack Obama's drive to the white house tapped into that prior history of hope, even though what we witness today from an elected President Obama is a betrayal to those ideals.

Hope for our collective future lies with the people, not in one man. Change can only happen when people unite and stand up against the forces of hatred, violence, and corruption, and cry out: ENOUGH!                   


America can be great once again, the hope of the world, the home of principled values and liberty, but only its people can achieve that, not institutions, not government administrations, not bureaucrats.                


Posted  October 05, 2009

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