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   Vol. 5  Issue 4       


OCTOBER 2004  



in this issue:


Civil Rights Cases:   Update on Recent Cases


Current Events:     Major U.S. Corporations Paid No Taxes

                         Clothing is Being Tagged with Tracking Devices


Editorial page:      The Politics of Greed

                          Turning Back the Clock


Environment:     The Yucca Mountain Plan 



Focus on Newark, NJ:   Look for this column next month



Eye on Human Rights:   The Bhopal Tragedy



Looking Back:   The 1929 Stock Market Crash; its lessons for today


Recommended reading:   New additions to our Reading List.


Words of Inspiration:  On one's Conduct Toward Others

                                Good Governance

Letters to the Editor:   Tell us what's on your mind.




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Essays & articles of interest published by other sites:


On Afghanistan:

  • Afghanistan's opium poppy production has increased 60 percent since 2003 and is currently the world's leading exporter of opium. L.A. Times"Post-Invasion Chaos Blamed for Drug Surge,"  10/04/04

On Iraq and the war:

  • Naomi Klein reports from Iraq, for the Nation Magazine, "You Can't Bomb Beliefs."  09/18/04
  • Moazzam Begg, 36, was arrested in, Pakistan, in front of his wife and child for unknown reasons by two American and two Pakistani soldiers shortly after 9/11. He is one of four British citizens held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. An uncensored letter written by him was addressed to U.S. officials, dated July 12, 2004, made public by his attorneys, and alleges illegal as well as inhuman treatment. L.A. Times, "I, Moazzam Begg, Demand to be Freed from Guantanamo",  10/03/04
  • Photographer Nina Bermar has compiled a study in pictures of soldiers who have returned from Iraq, the pictures were on display at the Redux Gallery, 116 E. 16th Street, NYC from Sept. 8-24, 2004. On September 8th she held a book signing of her just released book, "Purple Hearts", at the gallery.

The Nation: 


  • In an Op-Ed piece published in the British newspaper, The Guardian, Jonathan Freedland, an American, worries 'out-loud' about the current state of the Union, "Faith Against Reason", 10/20/04
  • A Harvard Medical School study determined that 1.7 million U.S. veterans lack health insurance coverage, a sharp increase since George W. Bush was elected in 2000, this according to Public Citizen, "1.7 million Veterans Lacked HealthCoverage in 2003", 10/19/04
  • An analysis of US census data by the PEW Hispanic Center, revealed that since 1999, the economic gap for minorities has widened in comparison to whites, while minorities got poorer, whites have increased their median net worth. "U.S. Wealth Gap Grows for Ethnic Minorities", 10/19/04
  • According to the Washington Post, legislators in the State of Virginia, are considering embedding a RFID chip in all Virginia driver's licenses; "Va. Panel Contemplates 'Smart' Driver's Licenses",  10/07/04
  • The Republican party admitted conducting a mass mailing campaign aimed at Arkansas and West Virginia voters warning them that "liberals" seek to ban the Bible, this according to the New York Times online,   "Republicans Admit Mailing Campaign Literature Saying Liberals Will Ban the Bible," 09/24/04
  • The Department of Homeland Security is forcing Humanitarian non profit organizations to check its 'watchlists' before providing humanitarian assistance. L.A. Times, "Charity Ends at Homeland Security," 10/03/04
  • A federal district judge in Manhattan has declared several provisions of the Patriot Act as "an unconstitutional grant of unchecked power."    Watching Justice, 10/04/04
  • Bush family patriarch, U.S. Senator, and financier Prescott Bush, made his money by dealing with the financial backers of Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime.  In 1942 his company's assets were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act.  The Guardian online,  "How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power," 09/25/04                 
  • The former Cat Stevens, a 1970's singer widely known for the song "Peace Train" recounts the circumstances surrounding his recent deportation from the U.S., by the Department of Homeland Security, L.A. Times online,  "Something Bad has Begun,"  09/28/04             
  • Former President Jimmy Carter warns that voting irregularities in the state of Florida will likely re-occur. Washington Post"Still Seeking a Fair Florida Vote,"  09/27/04                                                    
  • The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy has produced a report on  United Nations' Treaties, and concludes that the United States is adopting fewer and fewer international treaties, just 29 percent, while also opting out of previous accords.  The report finds the U.S. is increasingly finding itself alone in the world community.
  • House and Senate negotiators have approved additional tax cuts for big business. NY Times, "Negotiators Approve Big Tax Cuts for Business", 10/07/04


The Weapons Threat:

  • U.S. armaments are cited as the most likely to end up in the wrong hands, this according to the Denver Post, "U.S. arms deals elude required scrutiny,"  09/26/04
  • Nuclear Stockpiles for the manufacture of bombs is increasing globally, Common Dreams/ Reuters,  "Global Stocks of Nuke Bomb Material Growing - Survey,"   10/03/04
  • Nuclear materials of low grade, were looted shortly after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, by unknown persons. Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy, "A Sickening Episode: Nuclear Looting in Iraq and the Global Threat From Radiological Weapons,"  Oct.-Nov. 2003



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