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DECEMBER 2004                                             Vol. 5 Issue 6

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Not every child is blond, blue eyed, and Christian.  Increasingly childhood is under threat from an American world view of 'might makes right,' a world view that relies on violence anchored by a philosophy akin to Machiavelli's 'The Prince.'  


Most are oblivious to the fact that today, 1/4 of the world lives in severe poverty, 1/6 is hungry, while the 6 wealthiest countries spend $700 million every 9 days on dog and cat food, and yearly $66 billion on cosmetics, $92 billion on junk food, and (as of 1995 according to the UN) $800 billion on military expenditures. Peace in such a world is not begotten by ruthlessness !


In this season of peace, may all men find it in their hearts and minds, the courage to embrace tolerance, and forgive all wrongs--whether real or perceived, and henceforth work to realize a better world for all.   

A PURE olive branch has greater worth than the sword, and provides evidence of lasting value.


" An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind."  Mahatma Gandhi 



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In Liberty's Shadow, The Status of Asylum in America, a Human Rights First Report,


TRESSPASS: Genetic Engineering as the final conquest. Agricultural biotechnology--'the new biology'--is pushing a little publicized agenda that brings unprecedented new risks to ecological stability and human security. PDF Doc.















What's Happening to Labor RIGHTS ?


The American Detention Camps: A Photo Essay,


Child Soldiers Global Report 2004


Human Rights Watch issues Special Report- RAZING RAFAH,   an Israeli crime in progress


Wal-Mart's Social and Economic Impact (NPR RADIO)  4 part series examines influence of U.S.'s largest employer.


Is Wal Mart Good for America ? (VIDEO) PBS, 90 minute Frontline Program.


HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH calls on Caterpillar to suspend sales to Israel, Press Release,


CENTER FOR PUBLIC INTEGRITY, Investing in Warthe Carlyle Group profits from government and conflict,


The Power of Nightmares (VIDEO) online documentary assesses whether the threat from a hidden and organized terrorist network is an illusion.  In the concluding part of the series, the program explains how the illusion was created and who benefits from it.


Exhuming Buried Memories, SPAIN, the FRANCO Regime, mass graves are unearthed. L.A. Times,,0,5822695.story?coll=la-home-world


Who Owns the Media ? Center for American Progress,


Human Rights in Mexico; Human Rights Watch Report, 


Human Rights Report on Brazil; Youths Abused in Rio de Janeiro,  and


EPIC documents CIA Internet Surveillance in the U.S. market, , , , and


Daylong Conference on Voting System Problems,


UN Details Plight of Children, LA Times, Among the Report's findings: 640 million of world's 2.2 million children lack adequate shelter;  500 million children have no access to sanitation;  400 million lack safe water;  270 million receive no healthcare;  140 million receive no education, 90 million are severely deprived of nutrition,


The Project for the 'New American Century', ICH, the neo-conservative Bush agenda for America,


PROFIT MARGINS, the Pharmaceutical Industry, 2002, PDF File,


Drug Importation FACT SHEET, Public Citizen, PDF File




All  You Got to Lose is Your Life's Savings... the Social Security Reform Trojan Horse...  (VIDEO)


Father Joakin Mayorga, Human Rights Activist harassed and arrested,   Human Rights First to help Fr. Mayorga, TAKE ACTION:








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