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War Crimes--Iraq

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Cutting a Country to Pieces


Prior to George W. Bush's first 'election', the brightest students in the world sought admittance to the Ivy League Universities in America.  Prior to 'King' George's first 'election' child poverty in America was a stationary statistic.  Prior to Bush's first 'election', the economy was improving, and the federal government enjoyed a huge federal surplus, the biggest in U.S. history, and its intended investment to improve the infrastructure of the nation was being discussed in Congress.  Allocations to Education were being planned.

NO LONGER is any of this the case.  Foreign students are leaving in droves, and new students are staying away.

Since George W. Bush took the helm of government, he and his 'team' have coordinated an attack on a virtually defenseless nation constituted by a majority of women and children in Iraq.  He has squandered the U.S. budget surplus by giving it away to the super rich, cut taxes for large corporations, many of which now pay virtually no taxes.  He has led the way; by throwing open the doors of government and inviting lobbyists to hold key positions in government.  He has steadily decimated our environmental laws so that the big polluters can now act with impunity by polluting at will.  He has gutted the EPA so that clean water and clean air initiatives have become a virtual joke.  But KING George and his sidekick Dick Cheney aren't satisfied. They have come up with new ideas for America. 

These new ideas have been worked into the new budget, or rather they have taken a BIG AX to the budget, slashing away at the fabric of everything that aids the little guy in this country.  You name it, its getting slashed !  Who needs trains, when private jets can get you where you need to go-- so Amtrak's subsidy is gone.  Farmer's ? Who needs them if we have Agribusiness, so subsidies to the small farmer are disappearing. Local law enforcement, firefighters, those subsidies are getting axed to the bone or simply eliminated.

Education ?  Who needs it, all the important people send their kids to Oxford or Cambridge or Harvard, so lets cut education by $9 billion ! There goes Head Start and After-School Programs out the door. I guess this way the little kiddies can spend more time in the streets, and get to know the NEW America that much sooner. Isn't that a GREAT idea ? Same for vocational training money--slashed !  Medicaid too is getting axed to the bone. So dear friends hospitals in the future, are not going to be too keen to treat those of you who can't afford to pay.  If you can't afford treatment they will stabilize your condition (stop the bleeding) and send you on your merry way. Operations ? Fougetaboudit ! Maybe Bush is hoping; if the RABBLE can't get health care then just maybe they will just get real sick and die-- good riddance right ? Why not ? Hell with them, who needs the poor anyway ?

The Bush budget accounts for a projected $2.57 trillion expenditure, awarding $419 billion to the pentagon, and adding to a $427 billion deficit.  It invests little in the people of America, and sends reams of cash into the hands of private corporations and individuals at the stratosphere of American society.  King George promises to help the rich get incredibly richer while cutting the nation to virtual shreds.  You know what ?  This GANG in Washington has lost touch with reality, or maybe, just maybe, they really don't give a damn.  This coming July 4th, don't forget to bring your American flags to Bush's Independence Day Celebration in Washington on the Potomac, and as the fireworks burst in mid air let out a yell, loud and clear--Hail to the chief ! Or should we say Sieg Heil ?  On second thought he’ll probably cordon off a zillion blocks and you’ll be lucky if you can see the fireworks off in the horizon, right next to the setting sun.

L.M., Contributing Correspondent


Posted  February 11, 2005

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