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We return with a new newsletter, in a different format, at least for this issue.  Before we delve into the rationale for this, I would like to bring our loyal readers “up to speed” regarding our silence during 2010.                                                             


As you know from reading past issues, and one essay in particular, cocaine commerce, this organization, and I in particular have endured some rather sinister events.  I have been the target of threats, and attempts to incriminate me.                                                   


One recent event involved currency which was handed to me as payment of a debt which it turns out had been marked by law enforcement personnel; the mark becomes visible only under ultraviolet light.  Bank tellers, where I do business, were alerted to be on the lookout for marked bills among my deposits.  I learned of this through personal contacts, and sure enough those bills were later handed to me.                                                   


Not all people in law enforcement are corrupt or despicable, there are rotten apples in every heap, and unfortunately they threaten to contaminate the whole crop.  Those bills were of course to provide a reason to come knocking on my door.                                       


What comes next?  Who knows, everything becomes possible with such people lurking in the shadows.                                                                     


We include here as well pictures (1), (2), (3), (4), showing some of the messages sent to me by email.  Among the crud one notices, are references to "criminal charges, forensics, strangulate, quik cop, next of kin, nine [of] hearts (remember the former Iraqui leaders who were listed on decks of playing cards?), natural rest bedding ( a grave?), In Jesus, look in the mirror and enjoy the new you, tric insurance…" well you get the idea.                                                                                                                                                                   

These are just some of the emails spanning 2005-2010.  Others not in this JUNK folder are actual death threats, one in particular in another email account, is listed as Death has been authorized…                                                             


Notice as well that at the top of the email is one message in Italian proclaiming Ciao which means goodbye.  There are some truly sick and disturbed people in the world, but at the heart of all of this is money.  Our activities threaten to expose certain people, and they are nervous.                                                                                    


Positive Endeavors


2010 was not a respite, but rather, at least for me in particular, a year devoted to some personal tasks and challenges to overcome in my private life.  Among these was the conclusion of a book I have been working on for the last several years, off and on.  The Straw Man, is a work of fiction, and I make excerpts available to you to enjoy.                     


I am still working on the layout, graphics for the front and back cover, and some other changes here and there.  I hope to be able to send it off to the publishers later this year.                         


I should note that the book is in no way sponsored by this organization, it is one personal project that occupied me during 2010.                                      




Now regarding the current issue of our newsletter.  America is in the midst of an expanding and dangerous crisis.  Much of it, in my opinion is an engineered crisis.  It is complex, convoluted and difficult to grasp and understand.  We have decided to devote this entire issue to this critical problem which threatens our nation and in the coming months and years much of the world.                                  


Our country will never be the same again, the changes we have seen take place since William Clinton left office are here to stay.  Our way of life is being slowly and methodically being demolished, bit by bit.  Jobs have been moved abroad, investment capital is going offshore, American multinational corporations are either moving their physical presence outside the U.S. or are being bought-out by foreign corporations.  Our roads, and services are being purchased by foreign entities.  Our social safety nets are being destroyed by the people we have entrusted to represent us. And now our public education system is being "reformed", or should I say dismantled to make way for totally private and what promises to be selective education for a few.


Alarming as well is the rise of a militarized nascent police state that will further spiral out of control, threaten what is left of our privacy, and annihilate our remaining civil liberties.  The wars around the world, which are supposedly an attack on the purveyors of terrorism, will expand and encompass more nations, more societies.  It seems that the destabilization of our world is destined to continue.


Along with this scenario one sees a plummeting economy; and friends it is my belief that our former economic well-being, our former status of living, will never recover in our lifetimes.  Great levels of inflation will start to emerge later this year and continue.  The destabilization of the Middle East will cause drastic spikes in energy costs.  Real estate values will continue to plummet, unemployment will increase, and the U.S. dollar will become virtually worthless in the next 24 months.  The costs of things we need to survive; food, clothing, and shelter will threaten, or actually reach levels beyond our economic reach.                     


I have no doubt that the economic collapse facing America will impoverish a great portion of our nation.  The middle class will disappear into the lower class.  America will soon be a two-class society of HAVES and HAVE NOTS.                                   


You think not, do you. Ignore this warning at your peril !                             


The essays in this issue of THE CITIZEN will explore the major points in this thesis which I present to you: that our society is collapsing—education, health, economic, social, cultural and political. 


We leave political for last because it is our analysis that this is a POLITICALLY motivated crisis, targeting our society, our nation, but also the entire world.  The aim is to CONTROL the world and subjugate its entire population to a NEW WORLD ORDER. The architects are FASCISTS, but you need to see the facts first, and the events that have been orchestrated, and meet the people—THEN decide how to interpret what is occurring and why it is happening.                                                                                           


As always don’t take our word for it… THINK for yourself.


Victor Saraiva, Editor


Posted  March 09, 2011

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