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Chris Christie:

Will he manufacture an October Surprise, (with a lot of help from his friends) to clinch the candidacy for President ?



As Barack Obama’s mantra slips away into the abyss of rock bottom numbers in opinion polls, the Republican Party is looking for a strong enough candidate to be its main attraction and garner the votes needed to capture the U.S. presidency in 2012.                                                            


Both the Democratic and Republican parties have a lot at stake with the 2012 race; the Democrats hope to hold-on to their control of the executive as well as the legislative branches of government, this after years of being marginal players during eight years of Republican Party dominance. 


The Republican Party on the other hand, is still hurting from electorate anger resulting from the Bush years.  Anger at George W. Bush’s governance is still palpable given that it created a huge historic deficit, dragged the country into several unpopular foreign wars of occupation in the Middle East, increased poverty at home; all this while enabling huge tax reductions to the top 5% of the income strata—which has resulted in an American landscape today that brandishes the greatest income disparity ever in American society. 


Top CEO’s today average income nearly 600 times that of the average worker in their industry.  George Bush’s damage to the image of the Republican Party has been so significant, that it led his older brother, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, to say publicly that he did not have a political future—and their dad, and also a former President, George H. W. Bush cried during a television interview denoting that Jeb was right, the damage to the Bush name was enormous.


The revolt has led to a rise of the Tea Party; protestors across the nation who have vowed to vote incumbents out of office, until the ship of state once again is righted from its wasteful spending course.  Tea Party operatives produced results during the midterm elections, which did in fact result in a purge of many incumbents from both parties who lost their seats in both Houses of Congress. 


So the stakes are high for the Republicans to come up with a likeable, and electable candidate.  Thus far, Christie has proven appealing to audiences across the U.S.; they seem to like his no-nonsense tough talk on walking the straight and narrow.  His previous record in New Jersey of going after corrupt politicians has caught everyone’s attention.   


Interesting when one comes to recognize that Christie was born in Newark, a long time bastion of organized crime’s mafia families.  Indeed, one member of Christie’s own extended family seems to have such connections, although Christie doesn’t like to talk about it.                  


Christie’s ties to New Jersey also run deep after his College years in Delaware, he attended Seton Hall Law got his degree in 1987 and joined the law firm of Dughi, Hewit & Palatucci in Cranford, later becoming partner.  Unofficial sources claim that Bill Patalucci, a militant Republican with ties to the Bushes got Christie appointed as U.S. Attorney in Newark.


Christie represents to the Bushes their only chance to be politically reborn and thereafter realign Jeb Bush’s path so that it once again ends at the White House’s doorstep.


If Christie does decide to vie for the Republican nomination for president in 2012, his chances currently are about on par or better than Barack Obama’s.  Voters are fuming at Obama’s poor performance, especially many of those left leaning faithful Democrats who got Obama elected.  Many of his prior supporters have decried that after his election they saw a candidate turned president forget his promises to those who had pictured him as the only hope to save America from a continuing degradation of civil rights, economic well being, and an ending destruction of democratic principles previously enshrined in the Constitution.


If Christie is elected,  New Jersey will have its first Lt. Governor ascend to the office of Governor.  Kim Guadagno also a Republican, is a former U.S. Attorney who served in Newark New Jersey from 1990-1998.  Curiously I could have seen her, when in 1995 I delivered a complaint to that office.  Before the Newark stint, she was a federal prosecutor with the Organized Crime & Racketeering Strike Force in Brooklyn, New York. 


From 2003-2009 she taught a course on legal research at Rutgers Newark Law School on the campus of my Alma Mater.                                                       


Guadagno was also Monmouth County Sheriff from 2007-2009, Red Bank stomping grounds, until Chris Christie selected her as his running mate for Lt. Governor. 


It is still early to tell if Guadagno will help or hinder, a Christie run; last winter in the midst of a brutal snow storm, while Chris Christie was on vacation in Florida, it was reported that Guadagno was also away from the State of New Jersey in Mexico.  Some ventured to snicker that she was getting some foreign affairs experience as the State’s Secretary of State, no arguing that she has indeed been busy.



Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, center, during her Sheriff days at the Jersey shore


Big people with deep pockets are pushing Christie to run and get results; among those are the Bushes who want back-in the game.                                              


Politics… go figure, at one time people ran to make a difference, serve their country… but today everyone seems to have an angle, an edge, connections, quid pro quo on steroids in the shadows waiting to hit paydirt…                         


Its all about power, influence, money, and more angles…

The Bushes came up with the October surprise angle back in 1979 when George H.W. Bush intervened without U.S. government knowledge to make sure that Iran didn’t release the American hostages until after the presidential elections of that year.  Iran experienced a revolution in 1979, pushing the Shah from power-- a U.S. backed dictator-- and amid the chaos, American citizens working at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran were taken hostage by militants who demanded concessions from the United States.





















The Shah of Iran                                   Pres. Jimmy Carter


A Reagan-Bush ticket was elected as a result of the Reagan-Bush team successfully portraying Jimmy Carter as a wimp.  After Carter lost, Iran got aviation supplies, tires and arms—and then let the hostages go, just as Reagan was being sworn-in.  Investigative reporter Robert Parry of Consortium News, ( see  )  broke the story back in the 1980’s when he worked for Newsweek, although far too late to rescue the Carter presidency.              


Those same kind of Bush angles gave us the Iran-Contra Affair a few years later, when it was discovered, again by Bob Parry, that the CIA was selling arms to Iran, in violation of an arms embargo, and using the proceeds to funnel money to the Contra para-military army fighting a dirty war in El Salvador, again in violation to U.S. laws codified under the Boland Amendment. 


The Contras were in turn, again with help from the CIA, trafficking drugs into the United States.  George H. W. Bush, a prior Director of the CIA, had also been the intelligence handler of Panamanian Dictator and narcotics smuggler Manuel Noriega, who for many years was on the CIA’s payroll.  Noriega was later apprehended during a U.S. military invasion into Panama under George H.W. Bush’s direction.  Noriega later insisted during his trial in Florida, that he had rebelled against the CIA for continued use of Panama as a staging area for drug traffic, and that this was the true cause for the invasion and the trumped up charges against him. 


A few years later CIA involvement in drug trafficking was documented by several DEA undercover agents working in South and Central America, as well as by investigative journalist Gary Webb (see Dark Alliance at ).  Some of those DEA agents lost their lives attempting to stop that very traffic.


While we are on the subject, an interesting footnote; prior to the invasion of Afghanistan, the country had little opium production; but after the Bush sponsored invasion in 2004, Afghanistan now ranks, according to the United Nations, as the world’s main supplier of opium at 92%.  Interesting how drug traffic, the CIA, and the Bush name pop up so often interlinked.


Yep its all about the angles. Chris Christie is the current October surprise grab-bag promise that certain Big Boyz are hoping will rescue the Bush mantra, the policies and their joint destiny, let’s see what develops… all eyes on Jersey, between now and election day (the Boyz are making their play)! 


Victor Saraiva




NOTE: The writer makes reference to the Big Boyz* in this article.  It is the opinion of the writer that there exists a loosely connected  network of businessmen, politicians and organized crime figures who have since the beginning of the 20th century formed alliances in order to manipulate events to their favor.  Some of these men have historic connections to the Fascist movement of the early twentieth century in Europe (specifically Italy, Germany, and Spain ). 


Some of their American counterparts, were unsuccessful in their attempt to violently overthrow the U.S. government during the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Army General Smedley Butler who had been approched by the conspirators to lead the rebellion betrayed the Coup. FDR chose not to charge the conspirators nor have any of them arrested.  George W. Bush's grandfather was however one of the few who were charged for trading with Nazi Germany. 


These many years later, most aspects of the world of big business, finance, and many governments of the West are today under the direct control of this underground conspiracy.  It is the opinion of this writer that by the use of corruption, assassination and oppression, this network sees to it that people under their control are placed in key positions and by this means dominate all branches of government in the U.S. as well as in most nations of the West, and have done so for many decades.  The facts cited in the article are easily verifiable.


Posted  October 01, 2011

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