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The Friend I Had


by: Victor M. L. Saraiva


My heart cries for you,

Remember when we were friends?

You played with me when I was just an itty bitty puppy.

We met in the mountains of yesterday, as the sun shined high above,

As the winds of time blew across our lives.                          


When we first met I was with my family, but

I grew to love you and called you my friend.

I loved you so much that I left my family for you.

And for a long time it seems you loved me too,

You carried me at times as we walked in the forests of time.


It seems like another lifetime ago when we played.

Now is not yesterday anymore, we are no longer small as before,

The sun still shines but I grow cold because my friend is gone.

I whine and cry sometimes at night as I think of the friend I lost.

I loved you so much but you no longer know I m alive.


My heart cries out for you,

As I see you in the morning, the sun shining in my face,

My tail wags and I sniff the air as you pass by,

The smell still reminds me of you but you’re no longer the same to me.


It seems like another lifetime ago when we played.

I wait the long long day to see,

My tail wags when I hear your footsteps, or hear your voice,

But as you come closer and I look to you for a smile,

You just pass by as if I wasn’t even there.


My heart cries out for you, my friend, I miss you.

I know I don’t smell good anymore, and I m no longer small and cute,

But the heart that beats in me is still the same,

And the love I have, never left never changed.

But you just pass by me without even a stare,

Never a smile or a fond caress of my time worn face.


It seems like another lifetime ago when we played,

I grow weary and tired for I am no longer young.

The weeks and months have turned to years,

My paws grow tired, and I am sick now.

My pain is not half as bad as the hurt I feel in my heart,

I lost my friend I always loved without remiss.


It seems like another lifetime ago when we played.

My tail still wags when I see you coming and going,

So important you seem now, always caught up in other things,

I miss you dear dear friend, I always will,

Remember me someday, will you,  when I am gone,

Remember always this loyal loyal friend you once had,

That always loved you without remiss, to the last.



For my friend D’Artagnan, from whose eyes and soul,

I anthropomorphize these words; and for my children

may they have the courage to see through the curtain of

materialism to the true richness of life--our humanity.                     


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Posted  March 19, 2008

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