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Peoples Video TV

Wide selection of video podcasts available on line, covering a wide variety of topics, including Ramsey Clark speaking on the war in Iraq, coverage of the TWU strike & support rallies, community organizing in reponse to Katrina, & many more. Info:


Sipakapa Is Not for Sale / Sipakapa no se Vende

(55-min, Eng sub-titles). Struggle of the Sipakapense-Mayan people, in San Marcos, Guatemala, in defense of autonomy, locally controlled development & environmental well-being, against the harms & violations associated w/the open-pit gold mining operation of the Glamis Gold mining company. DVD available from Rights Action for $20, or $25 (includes shipping): 416-654-2074,


Sir! No Sir! The Suppressed Story of the GI Movement to End the War in Vietnam

Hear from GIs themselves why & how they became some of the most outspoken opponents of the Vietnam War. DVD for $19.95, +shipping/handling. Distributors make a small donation to United for Peace & Justice. To order:


Surveillance Camera Map, NYCLU Surveillance Camera Project


DMZ: A Guide to Taking Your School Back from the Military

War Resisters League's comprehensive counter-military recruitment organizing manual for youth activists & their allies. Everything you need to know about organizing to keep military recruiters out of your school, including detailed legal information, concrete campaign suggestions & up-to-date statistics. DMZ is only $5 per copy (+$2 S&H)/10 copies for $45 (+$4 S&H)/contact for info about bulk rates; Visa, MasterCard & checks. Order:  212-228-0450, youth@warresisters.org 

Draft Resistance.


Buy the War Resisters League 2007 Peace Calendar

Diary +catalogue of 52 films & videos that promote peace & nonviolence & oppose war & warmakers. 128 pp, spiral bound. $12.95. Order from War Resisters League, 339 Lafayette St, NY, NY 10012,  

More info:








Mexico Solidarity Network Study Abroad Program. Sponsor: Mexico

Solidarity Network. Info/apply: 773-583-7728, &


Spend a Semester w/Greenpeace, Summer & Fall 2007. Action, travel, training. Semester is based in both the DC & San Francisco Greenpeace offices. Info: &


Peace Brigades Int'l (PBI) Projects in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala & Other Countries

PBI fields teams of unarmed int'l observers to offer protective accompaniment of threatened activists in conflictive countries such as Colombia, Guatemala, Indonesia & Mexico. Volunteers need commitment to nonviolence & non-partisanship; age at least 25; prepared to make 1 year commitment; fluency in Spanish for Latin America. Info: PBI, 202-544-3765,



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