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UPDATE on the Sudan crisis, at Darfur:


Human Rights Watch has published a report that documents Sudan government involvement in the genocide.  Ethnic militias known as Janjaweed are being supplied by the Sudanese government with armaments, communications equipment, uniforms, and money. Government forces and the Janjaweed have participated in joint military operations and supported each other in reconnaissance, according to the report. The report names government officials who have been directly involved in soliciting Janjaweed participation in atrocities. 


An overview of the history of the region, and the precursors leading up to the crisis have been outlined in an excellent article prepared by the International Crisis Group, an NGO based in Brussels, Belgium.  Over one million people have been displaced.  The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), has launched an appeal on behalf of humanitarian organizations soliciting public donations  aimed at helping the Sudanese population affected. We implore you to consider making a donation, no matter how modest; the following are some of the aid organizations attempting to alleviate the crisis:  The United Nations Food Program is seeking donations to fund its food program aimed at feeding the refugees at the camps.   Medecins Sans Frontieres, French based organization of doctors providing medical assistance and combating malaria and malnutrition in Western Darfur.   Oxfam is providing clean water and sanitation to the refugee camps.  One Oxfam worker described as many as 80 families, have to currently share one makeshift 'bathroom/latrine'.  UNICEF seeks to vaccinate the children against disease, but is short on supplies and funds.




Posted  September 6, 2004

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