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       SEPTEMBER 2004  ISSUE 




America needs your vote;


make sure you can vote in the upcoming Presidential election, it warrants your participation.  You can register online, at the League of Women Voters' web site.





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in this issue:


Civil Rights Cases: The ACLU sues the City of Newark


Current Affairs: Half a Million file past the Republican National Convention in  NYC


Editorial page: A Surveillance Society Emerges


                    The Krueger Mansion; Unanswered Questions


Eye on Human Rights:  Sudan Update


                               Swaziland; a tragedy in the making !


Focus on Newark, NJ:  The Krueger Mansion; history of a City of Newark project


Looking Back: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Recommended reading:  New additions to our reading list.


Words of Inspiration:  Happy Birthday UN


                              The Idiocy of War


                              A Prayer




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