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  Spring 2004/ Last Typeset Issue


Narcotics trafficking part III, page 1

The Mexican Connection, page 4  

Money Laundering and American Banking, page 4

Let Freedom Ring, one gay activist's toast to freedom, page 6

  Winter 2003

  Currently Unavailable


  Autumn 2003


Narcotics Trafficking, part II, page 1

America's Drug War, an hypocritical undertaking, page 3

Bush Involvement,  page 4

The Afghanistan Connection, page 5

The DEA 30 years young, page 6

POETRY, by TC Murray; 'Dream Home', 'Mall Mice'

  Spring 2003


The Feb. 15th PEACE MARCH in NYC, 

   ( also make sure to see our IMAGE GALLERY page )             

Poverty in America,  page 5

EDITORIAL, The Politics of Silence/ Oppression in the State of NJ,  page 6

THE CITIZEN LECTURE SERIES is proposed, page 6

  Winter 2002

  Currently Unavailable


  Special Issue May 2002


Whose Choice for Mayor ? page 1

The Heritage Foundation's project for America, page 3

Food for Thought, the Pentagon plan to strike Florida, page 4

  Spring 2002


The Newark Public Schools, when silence speaks volumes, page 1

BOOK REVIEW; "Trauma Room One" the Kennedy    assassination is re-examined, page 3

The CIA Debate on Assassinations, page 4

Should we blindly trust our government ?,  page 4

EDITORIAL, What is Patriotism ?  page 5

  Summer/Winter 2001

  Currently Unavailable

  Spring 2001


How much is that diamond in the window ? the conflict diamond story, page 1

Losing the vote, page 2

The food we eat.  Profits at any cost ?  page 3

How safe is the milk your children drink ?  page 4

EDITORIAL, America's Children, page 5

Update on past issues: TWA flight 800, the Newark Schools

  Winter 2000


Is it Subversion, or is it Dissent ? page 1

In search of dissent in America,  page 3

Living with big brother,  page 4

Witnessing Terror/ CHILE STADIUM, Victor Jara, Chilean poet and songwriter

          wrote this poem while being detained by Chile security forces before

          being assassinated,  page 4

EDITORIAL, America' s Hypocrisy, on dictators and foreign policy, page 5

Copies of the GUATEMALA death squad lists,  page 6

  Summer 2000


On Democracy,    page 1

Politics as Usual/ Newark NJ style,  page 1

On Corruption and Other Events, Newark NJ,  page 3

POETRY, 'Torn Hopes' by Xanana Gusmao, former political prisoner held by Indonesia, and current President of East Timor,    page 5

Copy of Advertisement about TWA flight 800, "We saw it shot down by missiles."   page 6

  June 2000


In black and white/ the crises of our cities,  page 1

INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Substance Abuse Prevention in Newark Schools,

                   The Archdiocese of Newark,    page 3

                   The Newark Public Schools,     page 3

  April 2000/ The First Issue


The Plague of Drugs and our Children,  page 1

Newark' s Drug Baron,  page 1

What can we do about this,  page 2

One person can make a difference, the Kiki Camarena story,  page 3

EDITORIAL,  why our organization was founded,  page 3


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