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 November/December  2006                                     Vol. 7 Issue 4





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          Preserve the People's Post Office, by Ralph Nader

> Environmental Degradation in the Niger Delta, by Joel Bisina
> Deconstructing Culture, by Wangui wa Goro
> Affirming a Culture of Values in the Human Rights Framework, by Jody Kollapen



             > Organized Crime and Government, (EXCLUSIVE)  by Leonard Manfred
        > Corruption Isn't the Exception...  by Victor Saraiva


          > Dag Hammarskjöld   


          Who Speaks for Earth, by Carl Sagan

> Sensible Priorities


> The "BURDEN"; on Corporate Crooks

The Truth About Hybrids and Hydrogen

          Hacks, and other sounds of the night    by Victor Saraiva


        > Open Letter on Behalf of the Webb Family

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> Drug Wars
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> The Drug War Clock: See What the War on Drugs Is Costing You
> Survey: What Age Is Considered "Adult" in America?
> Justice Match: Learn How Your Views Align With the U.S. Supreme Court Justices


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The arms trade is out of control. 

Worldwide, arms are fueling conflict, poverty and human rights abuses.





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PODCAST: Whales and U.S. Military Sonar Noise Pollution



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Every recognized country in the world, except for the United States and the collapsed state of Somalia, has ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, pledging to uphold its protections for children. Today the convention stands as the single most widely ratified treaty in existence.




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GARY WEBB: In His Own Words

Tribute to the Pulitzer Prize winning reporter who broke the story of the CIA’s involvement in the importation of cocaine into the US



Dark Alliance: Day One


America's 'crack' plague has roots in Nicaragua war Colombia-San Francisco Bay Area drug pipeline helped finance CIA-backed Contras by Gary Webb

Testimony links U.S. to drugs-guns trade

Dealers got their 'own little arsenal' by Gary Webb


Dark Alliance: Day Two

The Crack Epidemic's Shadowy Origins, By Gary Webb

If  they'd been in a more respectable line of work, Norwin Meneses, Danilo Blandon and ''Freeway Rick'' Ross would have been hailed as geniuses of marketing. This odd trio -- a smuggler, a bureaucrat and a driven ghetto teen-ager -- made fortunes creating the first mass market in America for a product so hellishly desirable that consumers will literally kill to get it: ''crack'' cocaine. Federal lawmen will tell you plenty about Rick Ross, mostly about the evils he visited upon black neighborhoods by spreading the crack plague in Los Angeles and cities as far east as Cincinnati. On Aug. 23, they hope, Freeway Rick will be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.


Drug agent thought she was onto something big

On a November afternoon in 1981, San Francisco DEA agent Sandra Smith inadvertently uncovered the first direct link between cocaine and the secret army the Central Intelligence Agency was assembling to overthrow the government of Nicaragua.

Smith, one of the first female Drug Enforcement Administration agents in the Bay Area, was investigating rumors that a cocaine ring run by Norwin Meneses was bringing drugs into California and, for some reason, sending weapons down to Central America.

It was, she said, ''the only (case) that I ever worked, in all the time I worked there, that I thought was really big.''


Drug expert: 'Crack' born in San Francisco Bay Area in '74

Though Miami and Los Angeles are commonly regarded as the twin cradles of ''crack'' cocaine, the first government-financed study of cocaine smoking concluded that it was actually born here, in the San Francisco Bay Area, in January 1974. After comedian Richard Pryor nearly immolated himself during a cocaine-smoking binge in 1980, the National Institute on Drug Abuse hired UCLA drug expert Ronald K. Siegel to look into the then-unfamiliar practice. Siegel, the first scientist to document crack's use in the United States, traced the smoking habit back to 1930, when Colombians first started it.


Dark Alliance: Day Three

War on Drugs Has Unequal Impact on Blacks in U.S.











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Why Question the Military's JROTC Program?


Before You Enlist...

Don't enlist before you check out the reality of military life that lies behind the glamorous television ads and glossy brochures.


Get the Military Out of Our Schools

Are students getting a balanced education about the military?


GI Rights Training

Train to Help Stop the Military Machine! Or at Least to slow it down.


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2006 Gun Report: 

Protect Children not Guns

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